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Grab-n-Go Labels

Print FDA Compliant Labels on Demand

Print FDA Complian Labels on Demand with Prep-n-Print with flex

Prep-n-Print Flex is a More Cost-Effective Solution for Printing Grab-n-Go Labels


If you offer prepared food items for consumption on the go, you need a labeling solution that is flexible to print a wide variety of Grab-n-Go food labels.  Prep-n-Print Flex allows you to print just the labels you need while making it easy to quickly edit label information as pricing, ingredients and other information changes.  Genuine Daydots labels are legible, adhere to packaging in wet and dry conditions and are more economical versus other labeling options.

Advantages of Using Prep-n-Print Flex for Grab-n-Go Labeling


Comply with FDA Regulations

Prep-n-Print Flex allows you to print Grab-n-Go labels as you need them.  This enables you to display accurate ingredients, nutritional information, allergen and other key information to ensure FDA compliance.


Update Labels Easily

No need to reorder or reprint labels when ingredients change or information becomes out of date. It’s easy to change label information in the template and Flex automatically updates the label across your entire organization.


We Help You Get Started

Our library of pre-designed templates make it quick and easy for you to import your current Grab-n-Go food item information to make the transition to an on demand label printing system a breeze.


Eliminate the Need for a Second Label

Pre-printed labels you purchase ahead of time require a second label be applied at the time food is made with a use-by or expiration date. This second step of labeling is time consuming, and unnecessary when you use the Prep-n-Print Flex system which automatically calculates the use-by date on each food item based on when it is prepared.


Save up to 80% vs. Other Labeling Options

Printing labels on an office printer is costly once you factor in the cost of the labels and ink. The average 2”x 4” label can cost up to 14 cents. The Prep-n-Print Flex system uses a thermal printer which eliminates the ink and provides a more reliable solution which costs just a few cents.

Use One Label for All Your Grab-n-Go Items

Genuine Daydots labels are legible, adhere to packaging in wet and dry conditions and are more economical versus other labeling options.


Daydots Grab-n-Go Labels Available in a Variety of Shapes and Can Be Custom Branded


The Prep-n-Print Flex system includes the Flex App running on a Samsung tablet that sends information to a high-quality digital thermal printer. We use a variety of printers from reputable manufacturers to provide you a reliable solution for all your Grab-n-Go labeling needs. And we back it up with a one year warranty on the entire system.

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