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Grab-n-Go Flex Labels

Comply with FDA Regulations

Prep-n-Print Flex Grab-n-Go Labels

If you offer prepared food items for consumption on the go, you need a labeling solution that is flexible to print a wide variety of Grab-n-Go food labels. Genuine Daydots labels are legible, adhere

to packaging in wet and dry conditions and are more economical versus other labeling options. You can also print your logo in black to help promote your brand.

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 11.31.35 AM.png

Genuine Daydots Label Adhesives 

Only the highest quality materials are used to make our labels. Available in four adhesives, Daydots are suitable for any application.

DuraLabel Plastic Labels 

will not come off until you 

want it to, leaving no residue. 


Dissolvable Paper Labels dissolve completely in water at any temperature. 

SupeRemovable Labels are easily removable before washing or water contact. 


Cold Temp Permanent Labels 

are paper labels that have 

permanent adhesive.

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