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 Digital Food Rotation Labeling System 

Roark Capital Group’s Preferred Program 

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Save 60% In Labor vs. Handwriting Labels

Optimize your foodservice operation with Prep-n-Print flex.

Food Prep Printer for Foodservice

Saves Time & Improves Accuracy

Manually calculating use-by dates and handwriting labels can lead to incorrect, illegible labels and a food safety violation.


Guarantees Legibility

Critical information is clear and legible. Labels can be printed in multiple languages and use-by dates are readily visible.


Helps Reduce Food Waste

Consistent food labeling and proper food rotation can help reduce food waste by easily identifying which foods need to be used first.


Employee Satisfaction

Prep-n-Print flex eliminates a repetitive manual task which allows your staff to be more efficient and can help with employee retention.

Prep-n-Print flex System

Prep-n-Print flex uses an easy to navigate, intuitive App to send
labels to print on our high-quality thermal printer.


Prep-n-Print flex Printer,
Samsung™ Tablet & Stand

  • Samsung Tablet with flex App preinstalled

  • Durable Thermal Printer

  • Secure tablet holder

  • Includes Knox Security 

  • Industry-leading warranty

  • No assembly required

  • Cellular and Wi-Fi Options Available


Prep-n-Print flex Printer &
Bring Your Own Device

  • Use your mobile devices with the flex App

  • Free flex App for iOS or Android available 

  • Printer pairs via bluetooth with your mobile devices


Samsung and Knox are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Apple, iPad, iOSand Apple App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Day-of-the-Week Labels

 Easily Identify Which Foods to Be Used or Discarded


2"x2" Day-of-the-Week Label

2"x1" Day-of-the-Week Label

Prep-n-Print flex Day-of-the-Week Labels

Both sizes are available in either Dissolvable or DuraLabel.

Use Day-of-the-Week Labels with your Prep-n-Print flex system to indicate Use-By dates from the time when food was prepared. These labels helps employees to quickly and easily identify which foods need to be used or discarded.

Daydots Label Adhesives 

DuraLabel Plastic Labels 

will not come off until you 

want it to, leaving no residue. 


Dissolvable Paper Labels dissolve completely in water at any temperature. 

Data Insights

  • Monitor labeling activity across all your locations

  • Add/Update Food Item Lists and Categories

  • Create Batches to print groups of labels repeatedly

  • View and edit available label templates

  • Add/Delete locations


 Key Features

Batch Printing

Print a variety of different labels
at one time. Can be used as a prep list at the start of a shift.

Reprint Feature

The flex App allows you to reprint a label with the original data & use-by date to apply to the same food when it is re-panned.

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Click To Watch: Prep-n-Print Flex

Click To Watch: Prep-n-Print Flex

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