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Automate Your Daily Tasks with Ecolab Line Checks

Line Checks keeps track of food safety checklists & integrates data across sources such as food safety audits and health department inspections.


Benefits of Automating Your
Foodservice Establishment


Food Safety


  • Eliminate manual checklists and manual record keeping 

  • Improve checklist accuracy and compliance 

  • Document corrective actions and record improvements 

  • Receive alerts of potential issues before they become problems 

  • Easy-to-use App 

  • Wireless handheld thermometer integration 

  • Dynamic dashboard reporting simplifies oversight & management 



  • Reduce time spent by staff to manage compliance 

  • Improve your kitchen efficiency 

Click to Watch: Ecolab Line Checks

Click to Watch: Ecolab Line Checks

Benefits of the Dashboard

Easily identify improvement opportunities within your operation 

Real-time compliance visibility 

Exception-based summaries highlight top issues 

Intuitive graphics for easy review 

Location data is mapped for a snapshot view

Compare trends across time periods and levels of your organization 

Data Analysis and Communication 

  • Easy access and visibility into program usage per location 

  • Combine information from multiple data sources, including food safety checklists and food safety audits 

  • Real-time data collection allowing for instant corrective actions 

Action-Focused Trend Analysis 

  • Validation that corrective actions are being implemented 

  • Dashboard insight to help manage your foodservice operation efficiently 


The Ecolab Food Safety System Difference

Ecolab Food Safety Line Checks offers a unique combination of data collection and analysis to provide a complete program designed to monitor food safety risk & assist with compliance across your organization. 


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